Jarod Ingersoll Head coach American Fork High School, 5-A State Championship 2016

I coached and worked with Josh for 4 years. He is an amazing young man with great knowledge of the game of baseball. I highly recommend him and his ability to make young players better. Great person!  

Nate Littlewood -Elite college baseball player, son of BYU Head Coach Mike Littlewood, Brother of current minor leaguer Marcus Littlewood.

I had the opportunity to play college baseball with Josh. If there is one person you want on your team, it’s Josh Mooney. He loves the game and was always looking for ways to improve and get better everyday. Josh was a fierce competitor and he would be the first one in the clubhouse and the last one out, staying late to hit, work on mechanics, or whatever it was that he needed to do.

He is very knowledgable about the game of baseball. Being a dominate two-way player and having great coaching along the way he knows the ins and outs of pitching, fielding, and hitting which is truly valuable when it comes to teaching young kids. Not only does he have great knowledge, the one thing I love about Josh is his mental approach to the game. He always was positive and was the first one out to pat your back if you struck out or made an error.