Baseball Pants

Baseball Pants Styles

Open Bottom / Baggy Baseball Pants

Open Bottom Hem Baseball Pants have an oversized / over the cleat look that are very popular with today’s teams. Previously, baseball uniforms consisted of baseball pants that were essentially “knickers,” ending at the high calf. Instead, relaxed fit baseball pants such as the Teamwork 3727 Grandstand Piped Baseball Pants offer a more comfortable fit, as well as a more modern style

Pinstripe Baseball Pants

were first introduced by the Chicago Cubs in 1907. Many professional sports teams would follow in the Cubs footsteps; with diverse franchises such as the Orlando Magic of the NBA and the hallowed New York Yankees of the MLB adopting pinstripe uniforms. Pinstripe pants are typically paired with matching pinstripe jerseys but this isn’t always the case.

Piped Baseball Pants

offer a more modern look and style of pants. Baseball pants with piping have a single stitch or stripe of contrasting color on the side. Our most popular style of pants is the open bottom / no elastic piped baseball pants. This style is available by several brands in up to 8 colors.

Throwback / Knee Length Baseball Pants

Knee Length Baseball Pants have made a comeback in the amateur and professional level. These throwback styles look like the pants styles of yesteryear but are available in today’s modern fabrics. Classic ivory, baseball grey and white are the colors of choice for these types of pants. No more hiking em’ up as these pants are designed to look this cool.

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Adjustable Inseam Baseball Pants

The teamwork 3757 Adjustable Inseam Piped Pants have recently become a very popular option for players. The inseam can be adjusted by 8″ up or down with an inner Velcro tab system. This style of pants is a popular option for a player looking for high quality pants who want just the right length for the desired look

Graphite Grey Baseball Pants

Graphite baseball pants are designed to match the popular graphite color in jerseys, socks and caps. These pant styles come in solid graphite or styles with side piping or stripes. Graphite grey give your team the stealth look every team is shooting for.

Baseball Pants Design

Baseball pants are designed to be an integral part of the baseball team uniform. A typical baseball team uniform consists of the jersey, pants, belts, socks and hats.

Baseball pants are typically not decorated with logs or numbers. It is however common that baseball pants color and styles will match the printing found on their team jerseys or hats. For example a team may wear red jerseys and grey pants with matching grey hats or grey logos/numbers on the jerseys

Baseball Pants Styling

Pants Length & Style

Many styles of baseball are offered in a number of Inseam lengths. The three most popular pants styles are long 33+ inches, ankle length and calf length.  Retro baseball pants feature the calf length or just below he knee look. Traditional baseball pants feature the ankle length style.

Sliding Shorts

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