Baseball Gloves

The baseball glove is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will choose. There are a number of factors involved in choosing a baseball glove. You should consider the following in selecting a glove that will best meet your needs:

The Position You Will Play:

Baseball gloves come in different shapes and sizes depending on the position they will be used for. For example, pitcher’s gloves and infield gloves are generally smaller than an outfielder’s glove in order to allow for the quick transfer from the glove to the throwing hand. The catcher’s mitt has a deep oval-shaped pocket and includes more padding to receive pitches. The first baseman’s glove is similar to the catcher’s mitt with the exception that it is longer and doesn’t have as much padding. It is designed to have the same catching area as a catcher’s glove, but is flexible for scooping throws out of the dirt. If you will be playing multiple positions, a utility glove (which is larger than an infielder’s glove) may be your best bet.

How Much You Want to Spend: 

Baseball gloves vary significantly in price; with high-end gloves costing multiple hundreds of dollars. Many factors influence the cost. The primary drivers of cost are quality and the material that the glove is made from. Leather is the preferred material due to durability and comfort.

How the Glove Feels:

Feel is a an important factor in how you perform on the field. Make sure you choose a baseball glove that feels comfortable.


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